Research at Sewanee

 SCHOLARSHIP SEWANEE 2015 April 23rd and 24th, 2015

This year's events kick off on Thursday, April 23rd with a performance of Sewanee Theater's “ Three by Tennessee” a trio of one-act plays by Tennessee Williams.  (The production continues all the way to the 25th in case you miss opening night)  

Friday, April 24th brings talks from Biology, Chemistry, Politics, Economics, History, International and Global Studies, English, Visual Arts, and more, as well as a Poster Session involving presentations from a variety of disciplines.  Special events in the afternoon include our first ever dance presentation (at Tennessee Williams) and a lecture by Dr. Sydney King, the composer of Tangos Descardos, which will be world premiered by the Sewanee Symphony Orchestra that evening.  

We are also pleased to welcome Dr. Jeffery Lovich of the U.S. Geological Survey Southwest Biological Science Center and Northern Arizona University as our 3rd McCrady Lecturer.  He will deliver a keynote address entitled “Renewable Energy Development and Terrestrial and Aquatic Conservation: The New Frontier"  at 1pm in Blackman Auditorium.

That evening you can conclude this amazing celebration of collaborative student-faculty work with the spring concert by the Sewanee Symphony Orchestra as they present “¡Concierto! Musics from Latin America”

The abstract book, complete with a schedule of all talks is available here.