Scholarship Sewanee

Scholarship Sewanee

Student presenting at Scholarship Sewanee

Scholarship Sewanee is a celebration of student research at the University held near the end of each Easter semester.  Scholarship Sewanee 2018 featured 88 posters and 55 oral presentations representing biology, physics, chemistry, earth and environmental systems, psychology, politics, economics, English, history, visual arts, and more.

Financial support through an endowment created by Walter E. Nance, C'54 & Mayna Avent Nance in recognition of Dr. Edward McCrady, Jr. allows for both the McCrady Lecture, a keynote address given by a prominent scholar from beyond Sewanee, and the McCrady Prizes.

The 2018 McCrady Lecture, entitled “Difficult Pasts and the Care of Place: Memory-Work as Imagining More Just Futures,” was delivered by Dr. Karen Till of Maynooth University in Kildare, Ireland.


The 2018 McCrady Prize winners:




Speaker’s Choice (tie; selected by Dr. Karen Till, 2018 McCrady lecturer)

Alexandra Ewan, “Explaining the Variation of Abortion Legislation in Sub Saharan Africa” (Mentor: Paige Schneider)

Emma Zeitler, “Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Wetlands Provide Suitable Habitat for Anurans” (Mentors: Kristen Cecala & Deborah McGrath)


Best Poster in Biology/Neuroscience

Thomas Jones, “Mouse Hepatitis Virus Infectivity is Reduced by Host Chaperone Protein Inhibitor MKT-077” (Mentor: Clint Smith)


Best Poster in Chemistry/Biochemistry/Computer Science

Katherine Barwick and Kendall Wills, “Synthesis and Characterization of Platinum Indazole Complex with Anti-Cancer Activity” (Mentors: Bethel Seballos & Robert Bachman)


Best Poster in Economics

Matt Clendenen, “The Effects of Market Volatility on the Excess Returns of Public Equities” (Mentor: Katherine Theyson)


Best Poster in Earth and Environmental Systems

Will Lord, “Petrography of Replacement Minerals in the Horseshoe Deposit, Halle Gold Mine, Lancaster, South Carolina” (Mentors: Katherine Fornash & Stephen Shaver)


Best Poster in Physics

Elizabeth Tilly, “Coincidence Spectroscopy” (Mentors: Randolph Peterson & Eugenii Donev)


Best Poster in Politics, Art History, Women and Gender Studies

Wint Thu and Christine Xu, “Administrative and Citizen Responses to Chinese Pollution: A Spatial Analysis” (Mentor: Scott Wilson)


Best Poster in Psychology

Heather Eoff, “Attachment-Oriented Gratitude in Romantic Relationships” (Mentor: Katie Nelson-Coffey)




Outstanding Biology Presentations (tie)

Kailey Bissell, “Witnessing Neighbors React to Alarm Cues Alters Risk Perception in Mosquitofish” (Mentor: Katie McGhee)

Zsanett Peter, “Whole Exome Sequencing Study Detects Association Between de Novo Damaging Variants and Primary Complex Motor Stereotypes” (Mentor: Thomas Fernandez)


Outstanding Earth and Environmental Systems Presentations

Melanie Baker, “The Assessment of Environmental Justice and Racism in Memphis, Tennessee” (Mentor: Joyanna Hopper)

Emily Sherwood, “Transmitting and Exploring Cacao-Based Sustainability Narratives Through GIS Mapstories” (Mentor: Russell Fielding)


Outstanding Economics Presentations

Paige Klump, “The Effect of School Funding on Student Outcomes in Tennessee Public Schools” (Mentor: Katherine Theyson)

Meghan Mulhern, “Emigration from the Scottish Highlands in the 19th and Early 20th Century” (Mentor: Katherine Theyson)

Sarah Stewart, “Mammy and the Lady Boss: Labor-Force Participation and Occupational Distribution of Black Women and White Women in the United States” (Mentor: Katherine Theyson)


Outstanding English Presentation

Robert Beeland, “Applied Semiotics and Clarificatory Ethics in Joyce’s Ulysses after Deconstruction” (Mentor: Lauryl Tucker)


Outstanding History Presentation

Meghan Mulhern, “Bending Toward Justice: The Lasting Effects of Missionary Work in the South” (Mentor: John McCardell)


Outstanding International and Global Studies Presentation

Bret Windhauser, “How Human Smugglers Shaped the Ethnic Communities of the Jungle Migrant Camp” (Mentor: Shana Minkin)


Outstanding Women and Gender Studies Presentation

Margaret Blackerby “A Poetics of Resistance: African American Oral Tradition as a Device of Resilience in Black Gay Men’s Poetry” (Mentor: Lauryl Tucker)